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We are proud to say that in the 3½ years since our founding, through your support, we are fulfilling the mission of this organization beyond our expectations!

Grants to Children

From our humble beginning, SSIS was focused on our mission and making an impact on the lives of children with speech and language disorders and their families.

In 2010, SSIS received 24 applications for assistance. 14 children were granted a total of $35,907 to help them become better communicators. Our small volunteer Board of Directors was elated that just a year after our founding we were already making an impact.  -But we knew that there was still a greater need for our support.

In 2011, 85 applications were received, 3 times more than 2010! Over $58,000 was granted in 2011 to 35 children, more than a 60% increase in funds granted than 2010.

2012 is not slowing down! To date, in 2012 we have received 118 applications! 39 grants have been approved for a total of over $59,000 granted so far in 2012! (Some of the 118 applications are still in the approval process.) This already surpasses our success from 2011!

Since our founding, children in 27 states received funding, with an average grant size of  just over $1500 each. Over 70% of grants are awarded for speech therapy, but we have also awarded over $41,000 for other services improving the communication skills of these children; including communication devices/aids, workshops, tuition, software and other communication technology.

The 200+% increase in the number of applications we receive validates the need for the assistance SSIS provides; as well as our ability to reach those who need help. Small Steps in Speech has awarded over $153,000 since our founding; demonstrating that this organization is helping children take the steps needed to increase their ability to communicate.

Organizational Growth

While SSIS enjoyed tremendous growth, we also worked hard to develop our capacity and sustainability.  While we were saddened to say goodbye to one of our founding directors, we were delighted to welcome three new members to the Board of Directors.

Highlights of the year include:

  • Developed a committee structure with a regular internal communication vehicle
  • Joined LaSalle Nonprofit Center and attended 3 continuing education classes and a board orientation
  • Continued to have great success from our two major fundraisers: On Your Marc 5K run/walk in Pennsylvania and Oktoberfest in New Jersey.
  • Received funds from many smaller fundraisers held by other organizations and individuals.  We are especially grateful to the South Jer-Z Riderz , and Scott Yates, MacKenzie and Yates Car Show for their continued support.
  • Increased presence in social media, including Facebook and Twitter.

I would like to end on a personal note.   As many of you know, SSIS was founded in memory of my son, Marc.  He continues to be missed daily and although the pain of his loss never leaves us, I believe that Marc would be proud of the work we are doing in his name.  I trust that Marc would want us to recover and to remember and honor him by leading a fulfilling life.   Small Steps in Speech is helping not just children and families in need, but all of us who knew Marc and/or deeply appreciate his sacrifice, to lead a fulfilling life.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for supporting Small Steps in Speech and Marc’s family.

Mary MacFarland
President, Small Steps in Speech