Small Steps in Speech has been the recipient of donations from these fundraisers.  For more information, please don’t hesitate to contact us at

Jeans Day in schools or corporate environments

  • The concept is that individuals pay a fee to wear jeans or more casual attire on a designated day.  All fees will be donated to SSIS.  In a school environment, it is best to schedule this day in late spring of the previous year or early fall of the current school year.
  • We suggest you hold the day in May, which is Better Hearing and Speech Month, as well as the month in which Memorial Day is observed.

Basket Bingo

  • Similar to a conventional bingo gathering, but the prizes are all a special item, such as baskets, Vera Bradley bags, etc.
  • The perfect undertaking for a school or church group, this type of fundraiser can net over $3,000.

Donations in lieu of wedding favors

Donations to mark birthdays, anniversary, retirement, memorial gifts.

Cross Fit Workout of the Day

  • CrossFit gyms around the country have designated a day for their members to perform the SmallsWOD for a few to be donated to Small Steps in Speech.

Beer Exchange

  • Participants bring an amount of craft beer and exchange with other participants to return with the same amount of beer.
  • Supplemented by raffle baskets and on-site donations, this is a perfect home party that requires a small amount of effort.
  • Host can supplement with donated products and supply refreshments as simple or as elaborate as they desire.

Martial Arts School Break-a-thon

Motorcycle Poker Run

Bake Sale at a Sports Event