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Thank you from a grateful mother…

February 4, 2015Gabriel

Board of Directors,

Gabriel has just finished the speech therapy visits allotted to him by Small Steps in Speech.  We can’t thank you enough for giving our son the opportunity to receive speech therapy especially at a time when our resources were very limited.

Gabriel very much enjoyed the weekly therapy.  He warmed up to his new therapist in no time and worked hard throughout each session.  As Gabe’s mom, I was grateful to be allowed to sit and observe during all of his visits.  Hopefully, that experience will enable me to further Gabriel’s progress at home.

Gabriel continues to make slow but steady gains.  He is currently enrolled in the Preschool Program for Childhood Disabilities at our local school where he will continue to receive weekly speech therapy.

Thank you again for taking the time to read about our son and his challenges.  Approving Gabriel for the Small Steps in Speech grant has been a huge blessing to him and to our family.  May God continue to bless you in your very important work.


Gabriel’s mother and father, Texas